Simpler Blockchain Solutions
for enterprises

Accelerate your business
success using blockchain

We offer blockchain-focused services and solutions

including enterprise-level blockchain solutions, full-cycle initial coin and token offerings, cryptocurrency and digital asset management, and cryptocurrency mining and trading.

Extensive experience in managing technology, assets, and capital market

Synergy from blockchain solutions, token offering, crypto asset management and trading

Strong tie and partnership with crypto funds and exchanges, access to private meetings and public conferences

Access to a wide range of well-known experts and advisors in blockchain industry and a big pool of crypto funds and family offices funding

Blockchain Solutions

  • Customized enterprises blockchain consulting, valuation, and strategic planning
  • Comprehensive technical ability & blockchain solutions
  • Developer and executive training

Our Experience

  • End-to-end supply chain management
  • Tokenization of assets and digital assets
  • Gaming
  • Community building & management program
  • Customer loyalty program

ICO/STO Advising

We support you in your token offering!

Initial business & organizational analysis

we work closely with our customers to truly understand their needs and to assess the feasibility & viability of a blockchain adoption and/or token sale

Strategic positioning

we benchmark competing token sales to understand how to make your project stand out from the crowd


we design token economics from investors’ perspective and validate it with real investors who can later fund the project

Smart contract creation & audit, and coin development

Token development and crypto wallet

Platform & technology advisory and development

Blockchain prototype & full-scale blockchain development

Stress testing of technical platform and crypto wallet

(DDoS, hacking, etc.)

Strategic advising to private and public fundraising

Full support on your pitch

We advise and coach our clients in their pitch at various events, tapping on our experience and knowledge of investors’ taste and preference

In-house research team

provides our clients with actionable insights using market data, news, and in-depth analysis, helping our clients to make smart decisions in volatile markets

Development of marketing communications package and coordination of marketing plan deployment

Publication of press releases and articles in crypto and traditional media

Development of tailored bounty campaign structure and subsequent coordination

Jurisdiction analysis

White paper (including One-pager & deck) creation & auditing

Token agreement Fund liquidation & distribution

Post-ICO Token & legal management

A full review of the project

including the white paper, one-pager, pitch deck, website, token concept and tokenomics

Development of guidelines and technical assignment review

Product & Service

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Full supply chain management
  • Supply chain finance
  • Provenance and anti-counterfeit
  • Profit sharing on supply chain
  • Big data analysis
  • Community management
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Online Audit System

One-key verification platform;
Risk analysis and suggestion;
Regular vulnerability detection;
Automated review
Nodes configuration analysis;
Consensus plugin security;
Chain situational awareness;
Cross chain virtual machine security
Vulnerability scan;
Application/server security reinforcement;
Authentication and authorization audit;
Phishing attacks detection;
Business logic test
Development and operation process;
Technology selection and product architecture;
Risk management system;
Teamwork and cooperation platform
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